Asean Youth Camp 2018 Visits DPD RI

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - 40 cross-country youths who are members of ASEAN Youth Camp 2018 together with the Institute of Democracy and Education (IDE) Indonesia made a visit to the House of DPD RI, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (3/5) . The delegation was received by the Head of the Parliament Cooperation Committee (BKSP) DPD RI, Mahyu Darma in the Meeting Room of Committee I DPD RI.
They come from 20 countries in the world including from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Madagascar, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, South Korea, Sudan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Mahyu Darma in the hearing explained that DPD RI was born from the demands of the people who want the control function of the legislation. Thus, in 2004, DPD RI began its duty as a legislative body. "The idea of forming DPD RI is inseparable from the demands of democracy that the filling of members of state institutions can always include voters," he said.

In addition, Mahyu Darma also explained about the duties, functions and authority of DPD RI. The 1945 Constitution, on MD3 Act has stipulated that DPD RI has three tasks namely the task of legislation, consideration and supervision. For the legislative function, DPD RI may propose a draft law on related fields of Regional Autonomy and central-regional relations. DPD RI also has the duty to give consideration to the Parliament on the State Budget bill, tax bill and the bill related to education and religion. DPD RI also gives consideration to the House of Representatives (DPR) related to the results of BPK audit and election of BPK members.

As for the third task is to supervise the implementation of the Otda Act, the formation and the division and merging of the region. DPD RI also supervises the implementation of the State Budget Act, taxes, education, and religion.

The institution that has been established for 13 years, has 4 main organs namely Committee I, II, III and IV which oversees different task areas. In addition, DPD RI has several other organs such as House Committee (PURT), Ethic Councils (BK), Public Accountability Committee (BAP), Committe for Parliamentary Cooperation (BKSP), and Institutional Capacity Development Committee (BPKK).

Committee I is in charge of regional and central government, Committee II is in charge of agriculture, plantation and energy. While the Committee III is in charge of education, manpower and religion. While Committee IV is in charge of budget issues.

Related to the election of DPD RI leaders, explained that the leadership of DPD RI consists of 1 Chairman and 2 Vice Chairmen elected by senators of DPD RI based on the West, Central and East. The same mechanism applies to other DPD RI organs.

"The current Chairman of DPD RI is Oesman Sapta, while the first vice chairman is Nono Sampono and the second vice chairwoman is Darmayanti Lubis, and now there is a change of Act on MD 3, where the DPD RI leadership element increases one other person," he added.

Meanwhile, one member of IDE Indonesia delegation, Idam said it supports the strengthening of DPD RI as a balancing institution.

"As an institution that fights for the region, we support efforts to strengthen the DPD," he said. * Tho

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