The Graduates Support each other, Campus Requested to Dare to Hold Presidential Debate

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Recently there has been widespread support and declaration of various well-known alumni groups or communities of universities or colleges for Presidential Candidate Pairs (Capres) and Vice Presidents (Cawapres) for 2019 Elections. Some groups or communities at campus might have a different choice of presidential / vice presidential candidate.

DPD RI member who is also a University of Indonesia (UI) Alumni Fahira Idris revealed that the difference in choice between alumni groups is certainly a natural thing. In order for this crossing of support to be healthy, the campus was asked to dare to invite the presidential / vice presidential candidate to present his vision and mission and debate before the academic community. Meanwhile, for groups or alumni communities are asked to encourage the presidential candidate / vice presidential choice to dare to argue on campus.

"I think it's time for the campus to appear to nurture public discourse regarding the presidential election, which we have to admit is" rather unhealthy ". One of them is holding a presidential / vice presidential debate. For the alumni, encourage the presidential candidates you support to be brave "on trial" on campus. Give political education to the people. Do not want to just title the program that contains declarations, photos, or selfies, "said Fahira Idris in the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (1/15).

According to Fahira, the presidential / vice presidential debate on campus could be held and did not violate the law as long as it was held fairly, equally and certainly coordinated with the KPU and Bawaslu. Parameters of fairness and equality means that this debate is attended by both pairs of candidates and the debate is scientific in nature or presents analysis, data, and in-depth facts and of course is covered with rationality.

The presidential / vice presidential debate on campus, continued Fahira, will be a very good political education for the people because they will see in full who the future leaders are indeed in control of the current and future problems of the nation and have a solution formulation.

"I really hope the campus is moved to make public discourse healthy. Do not keep 'distancing yourself' from the hustle and bustle of this presidential election. As a place for gathering minds and gathering place for experts in various fields, the campus is certainly capable of holding quality debates that can be even better than the debate held by the KPU. All we have to do is see which presidential / vice presidential candidate dares to debate on campus, whichever refuses. Do not wish to be supported by alumni, if unwilling or brave to debate in the campus, "concluded this Jakarta Senator. #



15 Januari 2019