Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI Darmayanti Lubis Invites Millennials to Become Drivers of the Nation's Progress

Medan, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI Prof. Darmayanti Lubis invited the Medan millennials, namely students to be the motor of change in national development and part of the generation that is ready and resilient in facing the era of globalization by creating jobs (job creators) not as job seekers. This was expressed by Darmayanti while speaking at the Public Dialogue "Building the Millennial Generation of Indonesia through Moral and Ethical Education" at the Hall of Al Washliyah University in Medan, Friday (15/3).

According to this North Sumatera senator, current students cannot only be directed to become job seekers but must be able to become the opening job (job creator). Because students as millennials now have a big challenge, not as job seekers but must be brave enough to create jobs, "she said.

According to her, currently employment is limited while the number of workers continues to grow so that the need for employment is not directly proportional to the number of graduates of employment, which will lead to higher amounts of unemployment.

To deal with the limited availability of jobs, Darmayanti invited millennials to open jobs in the entrepreneurship sector.

Ideally in a country, said Darmayanti, the percentage of people engaged in the entrepreneurial world is 2% of the population, because entrepreneurship is the driving force of a country's economy. Indonesia, according to Darmayanti is still far from that target.

Even so, the trend of interest in the younger generation to become entrepreneurs has increased quite encouragingly, Darmayanti noted specifically for the creative industry, data from the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs noted the magnitude of the potential of the creative economy to contribute to gross domestic product (GDP), employment and export value. In 2013 the creative economy was able to contribute 7.05 percent of the national GDP, absorb 11.91 million workers or 11 percent of the total national workforce, and create 5.4 million creative businesses, most of which are UKMs

Furthermore, Darmayanti explained that the problem of Indonesian resources needs our attention, therefore the government and universities should pack to regenerate the nation's superior seeds, "So in our opinion to encourage or produce future generations, it needs optimization in occupying character education and vocational education for our generation, " she said.

At the same opportunity, Darmayanti also highlighted the role of the Ummah in participating in developing the nation through a cautious and moral and ethical education so that the millennial generation produced is not only global in outlook but has an honest and tolerant attitude towards other groups.

"In order to maintain the integrity and greatness of the people, we need to join hands to continuously provide spirit and encourage the formation of character for the nation's generation. So that what we aspire to can make the best for the people. "Said this Vice Chairwoman II of DPD RI,

The event which was attended by hundreds of students from Al Washliyah University also presented other speakers, namely Chancellor of Medan Washliyah University Jamaludin Marpaung MA, and Rahmayati, who represented the Head of Regional Office of Kemenkumham, North Sumatera Province. (cdn)

15 Maret 2019