DPD Appreciates Land Grants by Lampung Provincial Government

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD expressed its appreciation and gratitude for the support given by the provincial government (Pemprov) of Lampung through the submission of certificates of land covering 1,500 M2 for the construction of DPD Office of Lampung Province.

"We are grateful for the granting of land grants by the Lampung Provincial Government. Furthermore, we will immediately begin the construction of DPD RI Office building," said Plt. Deputy of Justice Sefti Ramsiaty as the representative of DPD RI. Submission of certificates was carried out by the Regional Secretary (Sekda) of Lampung Province, Hamartoni Alhadis accompanied by the Head of the Utilization of BMD of Lampung Province to the Plt. Deputy Justice of the Court Sefti Ramsiaty who was accompanied by General Head Bureau of General Secretariat of DPD RI, PJ Head of the Lampung Prov. Office, Aji Sofyan in the Working Room of the Provincial Secretary. Lampung, Wednesday, 11/07/2018.

Meanwhile, after the submission of the 1,500M2 grant land, the construction will be conducted by the Lampung Provincial DPD Office in the village of Sabah Balau, Tanjung Bintang, Lampung Province.

In the meeting, Hamartoni explained that in the same location the Lampung Provincial Government not only granting its land to DPD RI but had also donated it to the Election Supervisory Body, National Narcotics Agency, and Regional Police.

"We hope that the construction of the building for DPD office in Lampung Province can be realized together with other offices that have also received grants," Hamartoni said. *

07 November 2018