Change Stigma, Indonesia Must Become 'The Hell' For Drug Smugglers

Jakarta, February 13, 2018-Appreciation should be pinned to the Navy, especially the crew of KRI Sigurot-864 and BNN who have succeeded in foiling the smuggling of drug-type shabu in Batam waters territory, Riau Islands by MV Sunrise Glory ship. Based on the results of development, the type I drug-type shabu found in the MV Sunrise Glory ship has apparently reached 3 tons. This arrest indicates that Indonesian waters are still a favorite route of international drug trafficking in which Indonesia is also still a target country of its circulation.

Committee III DPD RI Chairwoman, Fahira Idris revealed, the last decade of drug circulation in Indonesia has reached the most critical point throughout the history of this republic. Not only become a destroyer of the younger generation, drugs have become a threat to the ideology of Pancasila and national resilience of the nation.

"I appreciate and thank the Navy and BNN for the efforts that do not recognize the territorial waters of Indonesia from the smuggling of tons of drugs that indirectly also saved many lives in Indonesia," said Fahira on the socialization of Pancasila, UUD 1945, NKRI, and Bhineka Tunggal Ika, which runs from 12 to 15 February 2018 in East Jakarta.

Fahira hoped the discomfiture of drug-smuggling sends a powerful message to drug dealers network in the world that Indonesia is not the heaven but has become the hell for drug dealers.

"Indeed, our geographic condition of many islands, beaches and small ports become a boon for drug dealers network. Our challenges are getting heavier when the law is not yet fully firm and there are still law enforcers who still dare to play around with drug cases. We must immediately overcome these challenges so that Indonesia really becomes the 'hell' for drug dealers, "said Fahira.

According to Fahira, in addition to more intensive surveillance along the waters, modernization of equipment or technology and law enforcement weapons becomes irreversible to face the power of international drug networks that indeed make the sea as the main route of drug smuggling. As we all know, the drug mafia is now beginning to equip their ships with sophisticated equipment so that their interpersonal communication is difficult to tap by Indonesian law enforcement ships.

In addition, the most effective way to make Indonesia as ‘the hell’ for drug traffickers is a firm and consistent law enforcement. Until now there are still many drug dealers who have entered the list of death row but not executed. The consequences of this inconsistentcy of law enforcement are very counterproductive and have a negative impact on the nation's jihad against drugs.

"Just take a look, in prisons they still dare to run their business circulating drugs. Not to mention that makes us very sad, there are still unscrupulous law enforcement officers who dare to be a drug dealer. As long as these issues are not resolved, Indonesia will never be the hell for drug dealers," concluded this Senator of Jakarta. #

14 Februari 2018