Presidential Election Debate Question Leaked: Losing to the Smart Quiz

Jakarta, dpd.go.id, January 7, 2019 ? After the submission of the Vision and Mission of the Presidential Candidates (Capres) and Candidates for Vice-President (Cawapres), the 2019 Election which was scheduled for January 9, 2019 was canceled due to the reluctance of one candidate pair to convey their mission directly, now the public's desire to be presented with an interesting, authentic and healthy debate and presidential discourse is re-tested. Since in this series of 2019 Presidential Election Debate, the Commission decided to divulge the list of debating questions to the two candidates.

DPD RI member Fahira Idris deeply regretted the debate format mechanism policy where the list of questions was 'leaked' to the candidates in the week before the debate. This policy is feared not only to reduce the quality of the constellation of ideas between the candidates and their supporters, but it will also erode voter participation because many voters make the debate the main reference for choosing candidates / vice presidential candidates.

"Even the quiz for students required to understand all subjects without exception, because they do not know what questions will be asked later. "The presidential debate period, the debate with four of the nation's best sons and daughters, was defeated by students" said Fahira Idris, at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (7/1).

Fahira revealed, if the KPU's reason "leaked" the list of questions so that the candidate's answers were more in-depth, ideally the ones given were term of reference (TOR) according to the debate theme.

In the TOR, continued Fahira, in addition to expressing what they expected from the two candidates in the debate, the KPU could also convey the boundaries of the debate themes, directives in response (clear, solid, contained, and nuanced), and a comprehensive description of the major themes and themes debating derivatives so that the success team and the two candidates can predict the questions that will come out, prepare answers, and link them to the vision and mission that they have published to the public.

"This (divulging a list of debate questions) such as doubting the ability and intelligence of the candidates / vice president. The people want to see the authenticity of their prospective leaders. Candidates who understand any Indonesian problems and are able to quickly formulate a solution. "The KPU should be more aware of what the people want to witness in this debate," concluded Fahira Idris, who again ran as a member of DPD RI DKI Jakarta, #



07 Januari 2019