Komigi Asks for Otsus and DOB Expansion of Papua Issues to be Included in the Debate Materials of the Presidential - Vice Presidential Candidates

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The system of government of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia recognizes and respects regional government units that are special in nature. Therefore, the enactment of Special Autonomy in the Papua Province and West Papua Province based on Act Number 21 Year 2001, as amended by Act Number 35 Year 2008 concerning the Establishment of Government Regulation (PERPU) Number 1 Year 2008 is a strategic step by the government in maintaining the NKRI based on the existed constitution.

In addition, the special autonomy of the land of Papua is also of strategic significance for the future of the NKRI. In the future, the government also needs to explicitly state in the form of a road map about the actual number of provinces and regencies / cities that will be expanded through the New Autonomous Region (DOB) program in Papua.

On the basis of that thought, it is important for the election organizers, namely the KPU to include the matter of the special autonomy issue of Papua and the issue of the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB) in the Presidential and Vice-Presidential debate which will be held 5 times.

This was stated by a member of DPD RI in the West Papua Province who also served as Vice Chairman of Committee I DPD RI,  Jacob Esau Komigi, in response to the plan for the presidential and vice presidential debate to be held by the KPU.

According to him, the recommendations of Committee I DPD RI must be thoroughly discussed by the two candidates in the presidential and vice presidential debate which will contest the upcoming April 17 Presidential Election 2019, namely the importance of drafting the Special Autonomy Development Roadmap for Papua and West Papua Provinces which is binding and a measure of Otsus development performance based on 3 pillars of autonomy, namely: Empowerment, Protection, and Alignment / Affirmation.

Jacob added that he hoped the two candidates would offer a concept in the form of a Grand Design / Blue print for the future of Papua's Special Autonomy through improving the quality of human resources, infrastructure development, education, health, people's economy and other welfare development efforts based on the spirit of patriotism and mutual cooperation.

"The elected president must immediately schedule the need for the Papuan Native People's Data / Census (OAP), both personal data and based on family data, and other OAP data, so that development in the framework of the Papua Otsus can be present and directed to touch the community, especially OAP in the Province. Papua and West Papua, "said Jacob, who is also the son of the original Moi Tribe, Sorong.

When asked for his response to the expansion of the New Autonomous Region (DOB), Jacob gave President Jokowi's input in his capacity as a Presidential Candidate so that the Presidential Candidates clarified the moratorium on the expansion of DOBs based solely on assumptions about financial incompetence and certainly had no strong legal basis, and ignore regional aspirations and needs.

Jacob assessed, article 40 of Act No. 23 Year 2014 concerning Regional Government has actually been very clear explaining that the implementation of Regional Government Preparations is funded from several components, namely from the National Budget (Regional Development Preparation assistance fund), income portion from the Parent PAD from the Regional Preparations, receipts from the Regional Balance Funds portion, sources other legitimate income, and source of income determined in the Parent Regional Budget.

"I am sure Mr. Jokowi actually supports the expansion of the DOB," he said.


14 Januari 2019