Dailami Supports the Sealing of Buildings On Island D Reclamation

Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Jakarta Governor steps sealed the building on D Island Reclamation Bay of Jakarta is very appropriate. Moreover, it turns out the building has not been licensed.

I am very supportive of what Mr. Anies has done, the sealing is a form of Mr. Anies's firm and intelligent and impartial leadership style. Said Prof.Dr.H.Dailami Firdaus DPD RI Member from Jakarta who is usually called Bang Dailami.

What Mr. Anies did was very positive, not to mention the sealing was lead by him directly.

This is a very good lesson for the Jakarta provincial government, especially regarding the controlling of development permits. All are equal in the eyes of the law and all must follow the procedure, so what is done by Mr. Anies is something that is right, not only as the fulfillment of the campaign promise to refuse Reclamation, but this is a form of commitment that all must be equal and there is no partisanship in Law and Regulations. Said Bang Dailami




07 Juni 2018