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Surabaya - The issue of agrarian reform needs to be strengthened with a clear legal protection. This was conveyed by the Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Akhmad Muqowam in the work visit of Committee I DPD RI to Surabaya, East Java in order to supervise the implementation of agrarian reform especially related to land redistribution and asset legalization on Wednesday (18/10/17).

Akhmad Muqowam explained Committee I DPD RI has a commitment to oversee the implementation of agrarian reform activities. This is a national strategic agenda that touches the broad and the lowest layer of citizens of the nation.

"This visit is to inventory every issue of agrarian reform that occurred in East Java, trying to figure ot the obstacles so far, so that we can arrange the considerations as in accordance with the wishes of the community," he said.

DPD RI noted there are at least four obstacles in the implementation of agrarian reform, namely First, the difficulty of measurement between the plan and implementation,  so it is difficult to realize the right target plan. Second, related to the validity of data that has not been integrated, especially data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Spatial / National Land Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Forestry.

"The third obstacle is the track record of stakeholder alignments towards the agrarian reform movement and the final obstacle, the unpopularity of the agrarian reform issue in higher education institutions leads to minimal scientific studies and agrarian reform experts in Indonesia," he explained.

Senator of East Java, Abdul Qadir A. Hartono said there are several strategic issues discussed in this working visit, among others, the reality of land availability / land object of agrarian reform with the data of the land. There is also the right strategy for land / land redistribution, land tenure arrangement and land ownership of agrarian reform as an effort to create justice and legal certainty on land of agrarian reform object.

"In addition, there is also an appropriate strategy for land / land redistribution, land tenure arrangement and land ownership of agrarian reform as an effort to create justice and legal certainty on land of agrarian reform object," he said.

According to the DIY senator, Hafid Asrom, another significant issue is the need to evaluate the various land rights that have been attached to various institutions (Perhutani, PTPN and private) and institutional issues that implement and strengthen the regulatory framework.

"BPN and other institutions need to give greater attention to land issues," he said.

Meanwhile, related to community empowerment, Central Kalimantan Senator, Muhammad Mawardi said the need for community empowerment in the use, utilization and production of agrarian reform land. In addition, the need for allocation of forest resources should be managed by the people.

"Not only that, it should also be considered how the legalization of assets can accommodate collective / communal rights, if done then it will be recorded specifically about land ownership," he explained.

This working visit was also acknowledged by other members of Committee I DPD RI, namely Ahmad Subadri (Banten), Gede Pasek Suardika (Bali), Abdurachman Lahabato (North Maluku), Hendri Zainuddin (South Sumatera), A.M. Fatwa (DKI Jakarta), Yanes Murib (Papua), Eni Sumarni (West Java), Robiatul Addawiyah (NTB), Syafrudin Atasoge (NTT).

This working visit was received by the Regional Secretary of East Java, Akhmad Sukardi and attended by Rorkompimda of East Java, Regional Office of ATR / BPN, Forestry Service, Pemkab / Pemkot, PTPN X, PTPN XI, PTPN XII, Academician, LSM Observer of Land

18 Oktober 2017