Akhmad Muqowam: DPD RI Must Work in Regional Spaces, Not Sectoral

Semarang, dpd.go.id - Vice Chairman of DPD RI, Akhmad Muqowam believes that DPD RI as a regional representative institution must carry out functions based on regional interests. Each member of DPD RI in the future is expected to be able to think of the framework of regional interests, not sectoral, which only raises certain issues.

In the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme "Dissecting Vision and Mission of Candidates for DPRD Members of Central Java Province in Semarang (14/3), Muqowam explained that currently the DPD RI still handles sectoral issues which should be covered by the Indonesian Parliament. According to him, members of DPD RI must be able to work in the regional space, because the members of DPD RI are regional representatives. Even though the tasks and functions of DPD RI are clearly stipulated in Article 22D of the 1945 Constitution.

"DPD's space is the central and regional space. DPD blocks is regional, DPR is sectoral, such as foreign affairs, defense security, police, domestic politics, or agriculture. The DPR is based on sectorality. Today the DPD is still like the DPR, it has been handled, try to see article 22 in the 1945 Constitution, "he said.

Commenting on the visions conveyed by the candidates of DPD RI members in Central Java Province in the FGD, Muqowam assessed that what was delivered was still sectoral. Each candidate still makes the issue a particular problem that occurs in an area in Central Java, about education, or disaster management. According to Muqowam what was conveyed by the candidates was still not in accordance with Article 22D of the 1945 Constitution.

"But that's okay, that's the learning process. Various problems that arise are packaged in regional functions, regional representations. What's the problem with Central Java? In simple terms, building a road in Central Java is sectoral, but if Central Java builds the road, the block is regional. The sources of problems in Central Java were bundled with Central Java, then brought to the national level, "Muqowam said.

This is considered a challenge for candidates for DPD RI period 2019-2024 to change this. Muqowam hopes that the candidates for DPD RI, when they are elected as members of DPD RI, the implementation of duties and functions must be based on Article 22D of the 1945 Constitution governing the DPD RI. "This is a challenge for friends of candidates for DPD RI. If it's already inside (DPD RI), please differentiate between (matters) of the DPR and DPD, "he explained.

Referring to Article 22D of the 1945 Constitution, the field of discussion of the DPD RI relates to regional autonomy, central and regional relations, formation and division as well as regional merger, natural resource management and other economic resources. Therefore, members of DPD RI should focus on these fields relating to regional interests in the implementation of their duties and functions.

According to the panelists in the FGD who are also lecturers of the Law Faculty at the Satya Wacana University, Umbu Rauta, a member of DPD RI must speak as a regional representative, not talk about matters discussed by DPR RI. The DPD RI must be able to become an adjoining room capable of balancing the DPR RI. According to him, candidates for DPD RI members must have a vision and mission that raises issues and challenges in their home regions, not on sectoral issues that are not in the hands of DPD RI. 

"The provision of DPD is Article 22D, do not overlap with the role of members of the DPR. Do not nominate yourself as a DPD member, but speak as if a member of the DPR," he said.

Umbu described DPD RI as a strange institution. The DPD RI has high legitimacy, but its authority is limited. Even though a member of DPD RI can be said to have greater legitimacy than DPR RI. "The DPD has high legitimacy, but limited authority. When candidates for DPR can play in several regions according to electoral districts, candidates for DPD members must play in all regions in their provinces to win, "he said. *** ars



14 Maret 2019