DPD RI: The Elections Quality Is Better without Single Candidate

The House of Regional Representatives (DPD) deplores the increase in single pair candidate of head regions on the implementation of the simultaneous regional elections in 2017. Highlighting this issue, Committee I DPD RI holds a working meeting with Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo to discuss the evaluation of Simultaneous Regional Elections in 2017.

Chairman of Committee I DPD RI, Ahmad Muqowam says overall the implementation went well, although there are still some problems. Among others, the phenomenon of a single pair of regional head candidates has showed an increasing trend. Trends in the elections with a single candidate has increased in 2017, the government an evaluates that the implementation has been running well in 101 constituencies despite a single candidate in some regions.

According to him, the single candidate that occurs in 9 regions threatens the democratic values because there is no other option for the community. Looking ahead, DPD requests the Government and the KPU to create a rule that there are at least two pairs of candidates in the electoral process to create more democratic elections.

"The issue of a single candidate, I think can be answered by the new elections Act, but in other places the elections supervisory issues should be supported by the new regulations, there are still many problems there," says Chairman of Committee I.

For example, the implementation of elections in Pati, Central Java, where there is a successful team or volunteer support to select an empty box, even garner enough votes against a candidate high single couple.

Meanwhile, Senator of Maluku Nono, Sampono hopes that the quality of democracy, where there will be no more single candidate.

"If the opponent is an empty box, it is as if having a walk out winning, there are at least two potential candidates to have better democracy," he concludes.

Meanwhile, nine regions with single candidate pair is Tebing Tinggi, West Tulang Bawang, Pati, Buton, Porcupine, Central Maluku, Tambrauw, Sorong and Jayapura.

In response, the Minister of Home Affairs, Tjahjo Kumolo says the simultaneous election in 2017 which took place in 101 regions run better. Trinkets that occur are still in reasonable stage and can still be solved.

"But we also agree with DPD a single candidate should not occur, it means less democracy, although the existing regulations governing these things," says Tjahjo Kumolo

Regarding the elections, against the empty box, he explains it was regulated by law. The process is if a single candidate obtains more votes than theempty box, the couple won. However, if more voters choose the empty box, elections in the region will be repeated from the beginning.

"That means, the parties can still change their support and independent regional head candidates can still join in," he adds.

Not only the single candidate issue, the working meeting also highlighted the implementation of the elections in Jakarta where there are about 56 thousand people who do not record e-ID card. Ahmad Muqowam said problem lies in people who have identity cards (KTP) but did not have the family card (KK) due to mutations of population movements in the context of the elections is not coupled with proprietary legality.

"The organizers of the election should see that there are still many problems, all should be fair and no pressure to choose in the elections of Jakarta later on," says Ahmad.

Answering it, the interim Jakarta Governor, Soni Sumarsono explains for the benefit of second round Jakarta election on this 19 of April, the government has sought to open registration for the citizens of the city who have not received DPT.

"The last Jakarta election is a phenomenon that exceed forecasts and it was beyond expectations, additional DPT increased enormously and the forms in TPS were all used up, right now DPT registration has been reopened for the next election, the point is to ensure that all DKI residents can use their right to vote in the second round," says the interim Governor. * mas

07 Maret 2017