Siska Marleni, S.E., M.Si.

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The woman born in Cirebon, on March 27, 1974 is an academic, completing her studies from elementary to high school in Lampung and proceed to Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University School of Economics, not satisfied, Siska who loved Economics continued her Master's degree taking the study of Economy. For her, economy is a science that can be applied anywhere, even in a political, by combining economics and politics he was able to attract the hearts of the people so that they can choose her as something for sale.

"I believe that by applying economic science in politics she can show something to the community of herself which can be sold, such as the vision and mission in favor of the community, such as equalizing the economic life of society, which means hammer out the poverty, so people can prosper and of course as an academic education becomes a priority area of ??development, "said the professor at the University College of Economics Rahmaniah Sekayu.

12 Oktober 2014