Dr. SHRI I.G.N. Arya Wedakarna M. Wedasteraputra S.

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"I am probably the most fortunate, because I can directly meet with the figure, Wedakerna. And I am proud to meet the great young figure," said one student with a nervous tone. He was one of the attendees in a workshop on Economic Security of Bali.

The workshop discussed more on the Balinese people economy that suffer much, and was lost from the newcomers who "proudly" monopolizing land and economics. At that session, Arya Wedakerna got the opportunity to provide a view of reality mentioned above.

Arya Wedakerna or fully known as Dr. Shri I Gusti Ngurah Arya Wedakarna Mahendradatta Wedasteraputra Suyasa III often becomes a hot issue among observers, analysts, academics, community institutions, college students and also students. Arya, who was born in Denpasar, August 23, 1980, was elected Senator of Bali Province by recieving 178.934 votes.

08 Oktober 2014