Muliati Saiman, S.Si.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 75171

Muliati Saiman, S.Si born in Kendari on October 1, 1974 is a Senator of Southeast Sulawesi Province by the acquisition of 75 151 votes.

The following are the employment history she once occupied, namely:
1. Assistant Director II of Finance AMIK Yapennas Kendari in 2006 until present;
2. Treasurer of Lasis Foundation in 2011 until present;
3. Secretary of DPD's Siliwangi Fighters Southeast Sulawesi in the period of 2013 - 2018;
4. Board of Wanda Bombana Foundation in 2011 until present;
5. BPH of Labim Kolkata Foundation in 2011;
6. Founder of Lasis Foundation in 2011;
7. Founder of Wasis Kendari Foundation in 2011;
8. Founder of Wasembasis Bau-Bau Foundation in 2011.

Her organizational experiences are Chairman of STMIK Bina Bangsa Foundation  in 2002 until present, Chairman of BPH Amik Millenium Kolkata in 2009 until present, Chairman of the Board of Trustees Stikeswasis Kendari in 2013.

17 Oktober 2014