Drs. Ibrahim Agustinus Medah

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 382122

Drs. Ibrahim Agustinus Medah, born in Bilba  - Rote Ndao, on June 8, 1947, is a Senator of DPD RI East Nusa Tenggara province elected by 382 122 votes.

Before being elected as a member of DPD RI representing East Nusa Tenggara province, Ibrahim had occupied important positions, as follows:
1. Subdistrict Deputy Head of Rote Northwest in 1972;
2. Subdistrict Head of Rote Southwestern in 1973;
3. Chairman of Golkar Rote Ndao in 1975;
4. Subdistrict Head of Lobalain in 1976;
5. Head of Governance Kupang in 1978;
6. Head of STIR Kupang in 1978;
7. Vice Chairman of Golkar Kupang in 1990;
8. Head of BP-7 Kupang in 1991;
9. Chairman of DPRD Kupang years 1992-1997;
10. Staff Expert Governor of NTT in 1997;
11. Head of Organization Bureau NTT Governor's Office in 1998;
12. Secretary of DPRD NTT in 1999;
13. Regent of Kupang years 1999-2004;
14. Regent of Kupang years 2004-2009;
15. Chairman of Golkar Kupang in 2004;
16. Chairman of DPD Golkar NTT province in 2004.

In addition to having qualified experience in the field of governance in East Nusa Tenggara province, Ibrahim also has a major contribution to the advancement of the people of NTT, the following is Ibrahim's real action for the people of NTT, namely:
1. In 1972/1973 Socializing Rice Cultivation of Gogo Rancah Method which is now a mainstay of Rote Ndao society;
2. In 2000, promoting large-scale of seaweed cultivation in Kupang and Rote Ndao region that has become a mainstay of Kupang and Rote Ndao society;
3. In 2002, begin mating injection and large-scale cattle crossbreeding in Kupang that is now being developed;
4. In 2005/2006, rice production in Kupang increased from 4 tons / ha to + 10 ton / ha;
5. In 2000, activating idle land until now;
6. In 2002, applying the pattern of Community Empowerment Program (PPM) which is entrusted to manage their own community village development funds (until present);
7. In 2006, processing the expansion of Sabu-Raijua to become a regency candidate; 
8. In 2007, freeing the education fee up to high school level and freeing up health care costs for Kupang society.

17 Oktober 2014