Djasarmen Purba, S.H.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 83748

Djasarmen Purba, SH was born in Simelungun, North Sumatera on August 5, 1947. Before joining DPD RI, Djasarmen Purba is a member of DPRD Batam in 2004-2009.

The organizational experiences he had attended, among others :
1. The Vice-Chairman of DPD REI Batam in 2002-2005;
2. The Chairman of DPD PNI Marhaenisme Riau Islands in 2005-2008;
3. The Chairman of NGO Deiding Center DPD Riau Islands in 2005-2009;
4. The Members of Forum for Religious Harmony Batam in 20060-2011;
5. The Chairman of the Association of Families of North Sumatera Batam in 2007-2012;
6. The founder of Juma Tidahan Foundation, Batam City in 2008.

Djasarmen Purba was successfully elected as DPD RI Senator of Riau Islands Province in two periods, namely the period of 2009-2014 and in 2014-2019 by gaining 83 748 votes.

12 Oktober 2014