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Basri Salama, S.Pd.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 46328

Basri Salama, S.Pd. born in Tidore, on August 8, 1957 is a Senator of North Maluku province. This Khairun Ternate University graduate  has succesfully became DPD RI Senator after obtaining 46.328 votes.

Basri Salama's organization history are Secretariat Commissariat of HMI KNPI Khairun University Ternate in 1997, Student Senate Secretary FKIP of Khairun Ternate University in 1998 , the vice chairman of KNPI North Maluku in 2004-2006, Vice Chairman of KNPI North Maluku in 2006-2007, and Secretary of the Star Reform Party in  2009-2010.

08 Oktober 2014