K.H. Ahmad Sadeli Karim Lc.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 434799

KH. Ahmad Sadeli Karim, L.C. was born in Pandeglang, on July 14, 1953 with the acquisition of 434.799 votes, Ahmad Sadeli Karim was elected as a member of DPD RI Banten province. 

Ahmad Sadeli's organizational experiences are as Chairman of PB Mathlaul Anwar, Member of Syuro PKS Assembly, Member of FPKS DPRD Banten in 2004-2009, Chairman of the Ummul Quro Foundation Bogor (Kindergarten-SMAIT), Member of the Board of Trustee of the Islamic Education Foundation Al-Izzah Malang, One of the founder of Asia PAcific for Palestine, Advisory Council of Ulama Indonesia Banten.

Prior to joining DPD RI, Ahmad Sadeli Karim had served as Vice Chairman of DPRD in 2004-2009.

12 Oktober 2014