Drs. H. A. Hudarni Rani S.H.

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Drs. H. Ahmad Hudarni Rani began his career as a teacher at Public Elementary School IV Sungailiat in 1967 to 1968, before working in PT. Timah, where he first worked as a staff employee until becoming a staff director in 1993. His political career began after Hudarni Rani involved in organizations such as the Youth Muhammadiyah, AMPI, Wirakarya Indonesia, Soksi, KNPI, PERSAHI, PERCASI, and Golkar.

Born in Sungailiat, November 20, 1950, Hudarni Rani entered to Senayan as the member of DPD RI/Senator representing Bangka Belitung Island for 2014-2019 period with the acquisition of 85.877 votes. Hudarni Rani who once served as a Governor of Bangka Belitung devoted his thoughts for the regional autonomy and direct election; according to him, the election of governors, regents and mayors can be conducted simultanoeusly in each province and to accomodate the simultanous election throughout the province, it needs careful consideration.

12 Oktober 2014