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H. Abdurahman Abubakar Bahmid, Lc.

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 42152

H. Abdurahman Abubakar Bahmid, Lc, born in Boalemo, December 18, 1977 is a Senator of Gorontalo Province in 2014-2019 period with the acquisition of 42.152 votes.

Prior to joining DPD RI, this undergraduate of Al-Azhar in Cairo Egypt is active in several organizations with the following positions: Chairman of DPW PKS Gorontalo, Board Chairman of Syari'ah PKS Gorontalo, General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council Gorontalo, Chairman of MUI Gorontalo, DPRD member of Gorontalo in 2009-2014. 

08 Oktober 2014