Sabam Sirait

dpd.go.id Total Suara : 237273

Sabam Sirait was born in Tanjung Balai, October 13, 1936. Having experienced 7 times the presidency of Indonesia, Sabam Sirait became a senior politician in Indonesia. Sabam Sirait was ranked 5th in the election as an Indonesian Senator representing DKI Jakarta with 237,273 votes. He replaced AM. Fatwa position on Jan. 15 2018 for Senator's Inter-Time Substitute (PAW) position in DPD RI.

Before becoming a member of the PAW DPD RI, he was active as a member of the Indonesian Parliament representing the PDI-P faction until 2009.

In 2015 in the Indonesian State Anniversary, he was awarded the Mahaputera Utama Star by President Joko Widodo as a token of appreciation for Sabam Sirait's actions in the political world in Indonesia until now.


15 Januari 2018