Pilih Propinsi :
Fajar Fairy Rusni, S.H. 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 39735
This man, born in Jakarta, June 26, 1968, was ranked third with the earnings of 39,735 (8.45%) votes. The challenges that are faced as a senator of the DPD, according to Fajar, is trying to convince the public that the authority of the DPD is not yet...
DR. Ir. H.Abdul M. Killian, M.S. 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 37706
Drs. H.Wahidin Ismail 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 37476
Hj. Djamila Somad, B.Sc. 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 36392
Djamila Somad was elected to become the senator of the DPD and represented the Province of Bangka Belitung after ranked fourth with the acquisition of 36,362 (7.74%) votes. According to him, because the DPD is a new institution, so there are lots of ...
Drs. A.D. Khaly 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 26659
He is the DPD senator who represented Gorontalo province by getting the first rank with a vote of 84,754 (17.71%) votes. According to him, the DPD as a parliamentary institutions have a high legitimacy and the very important task of the political lif...
Ir.Marhany Victor Poly Pua 08 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 86