Pilih Propinsi :
Drs. H.Syahdan Ilyas 22 April 2011

Total Suara : 187713
Bung Dan, the nickname of this DPD senator of West Nusa Tenggara Province (NTB), got the second rank with the acquisition of 187,713 (9.57%) votes. According to him, the formation of the DPD institutions has a very important meaning in the constituti...
DR. Hj. Maimanah Umar, M.A. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 184625
DR. Hj. Maimanah Umar, MA was born in Teratak Buluh, on May 5, 1937. Maimanah Umar is a member of DPRD Riau Province for four periods, from 1977 to 1998. When Maimanah become a member of DPRD for the first time, the husband (deceased) Drs H Maridin A...
Benyamin Bura 22 April 2011

Total Suara : 175697
Dr.Piet Herman Abik, M.App., Sc 22 April 2011

Total Suara : 172563
This man represents the province of West Kalimantan with the support of 172,536 (9.44%) votes. The man who was born in Sangau, November 4th, 1948 aspires to empower communities to be independent and able to see the exact role and function of the DPD ...
Drs. H. Zairin Kasim 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 171962
Afdal, S.Si. 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 170872
Santori Hasan, S.H. 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 169689
H. Helmi Mahera Al Mujahid 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 163683
The man whose nickname is father Helmi was a senator of the DPD Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) province in second rank with 163,004 votes of acquisition. Father Helmi was born in Idi on September 16, 1951. According to him, DPD was born as part of de...
Drs. H. A. Hafidh Asrom, M.M. 08 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 158794
Drs. H. A. Hafidh Asrom, M.M., born in Jepara, 23 November 1957, is a master program graduate of the Islamic University of Indonesia in Yogyakarta. Some organizations he had attended, among others:  1. Board of Education Yogyakarta in 2003 - 20...
Nyoman Rudana 29 Januari 2011

Total Suara : 157475
Rudana Nyoman represents Bali Province on the second rank with the acquisition of 157,475 (8.14%) votes. He has thoughts and beliefs that DPD is able to bring the aspirations, the problems and the mission of regional community, so that the goals and ...
Dr.Laode Ida 27 November 2012

Total Suara : 156177
Ida, his nickname, is a senator of the DPD who represents Southeast Sulawesi province. In the 2004 election, he was ranked first and, in the previous 2009 election, he was also ranked first and got around 156,177 votes. This man, born in Tobea, on Ma...
Joseph Bona Manggo 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 152952
Aryanthi Baramuli Putri, S.H., M.H. 17 Oktober 2014
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Total Suara : 150181
Aryanthi Baramuli Putri, SH, M.H. born in Jakarta, on October 18, 1964 is a master scholar of Law Science, Christian University of Indonesia. Aryanthi Baramuli is a member of DPD RI of North Sulawesi province who had been elected for three periods, w...
Tonny Tesar, S.Sos 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 149078
This man is the representative of DPD senator of Papua Province who got the 2nd rank with the support of 149,078 votes. According to him, the DPD is expected to represent and to channel the regional aspiration to the central government and get more l...
LUTHER KOMBONG 03 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 148277