Pilih Propinsi :
Maria Goreti, S.Sos., M.Si. 12 Oktober 2014

Total Suara : 246329
Maria Goreti, S. Sos., M.Sc. born in Kebadu, Pahauman on February 29, 1972, is graduated from Communication Sciences, University of Atma Jaya Yogyakarta and a Master Degree graduate of Sociology on Rural Community Development Study, Social and Politi...
I Wayan Sudirta, S.H. 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 245343
Wayan, his familiar nickname, was born in Pipid on December 20, 1950, he is now a senator of the DPD that represents Bali Province and ranked first with the acquisition of 245,343 (12.69%) votes. According to Wayan, institutionally the DPD institutio...
H. Apud Mahpud 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 238624
Haji Apud was born in Pandeglang, July 6, 1967. He represents Banten province on the third place with the acquisition of 238,624 (5.95%) votes. According to him, with a controversial government policy on regional autonomy that is applied in all of th...
Drs. H.Soemardhi Thaher 22 April 2011

Total Suara : 226570
Soemardhi, the nickname of the DPD Riau Province who got the first rank by a very significant vote. According to this man who is born in Inuman, on July 24, 1941, the existence of the DPD institution is very important for strengthening the Unitary Re...
LUNDU PANJAITAN, S.H. 23 April 2005

Total Suara : 217838
Drs. H. A. Malik Raden, M.M. 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 211362
This man, familiarly called Malik is a senator of the DPD Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province (NAD) in the first rank with the acquisition of 316211,362 (+ / – 10%) votes. This point of view about the DPD according to the man who was born in Aceh...
Pdt.Ishak Pamumbu Lambe 22 April 2011

Total Suara : 210866
Drs.Yonathan Nubatonis 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 205034
Drs. H. M.Kafrawi Rahim 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 203262
Hj.Aida Z.N. Ismeth Abdullah, S.E., M.M. 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 202283
Nursyamsa Hadis 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 198964
Marcus Louis Zonggonao, B.A. 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 194090
This man is the DPD senator of Papua Province in 1st rank with a vote of 194,090. According to him, DPD is one of the best political vehicle to answer the challenge of Indonesia, as long as the executives and political experts do not talk much. &ldqu...
Drs. H. M. Jum Perkasa A.P. 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 193920
Ir. Raden Renny Pudjiati 29 Januari 2013

Total Suara : 191635
This woman, born in Bandung on July 8, 1963, represents Banten province by a vote of 191,635 votes or 4.78% of total voters in the region, replacing the senator of the DPD RI in the fourth place who, in last election, was H Sagap Usman who died in 20...
A. Ben Bella 22 April 2005

Total Suara : 191441