Comitee IV

Committee IV of DPD RI is a fixed DPD RI organ that has the scope of work on the bill relating to the state budget (APBN); financial balance between central and regional governments; to give consideration on the state financial examination results and the selection of BPK member; taxes, and micro, small and medium enterprises.

The scope of work of the Committee IV was implemented in regard to regional and community affairs, as follows:

1. Opinion and expenditure budgets;

2. Taxes and other fees;

3. Financial balance between central and Regional governments;

4. Consideration of the results of the state audit and selection of the BPK members;

5. Financial institutions, and

6. Cooperatives, micro, small, and medium enterprises.


DPD RI Will Guard Regional Aspirations Until the Service Period Ends 18 Juli 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia is committed to continue to oversee and fight for regional aspirations in its tenure which will end on September 30, 2019, as a representation of the regions and manifestations of the responsibilities of DPD RI for the period 2014-2019. This was raised during the 13th DPD Plenary Session which was opened by the Chairman of DPD RI, Oesman Sapta, Vice Chairmen of DPD RI, Nono Sampono, Darmayanti Lubis and Akhmad Muqowam, at Nusantara V Building, Parliamen
DPD RI Values the Economic Policy and Fiscal 2020 Have Many Constraints 27 Mei 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI held a working meeting with the Ministry of Finance related to the discussion of Macro Economic Framework (KEM) material and Fiscal Policy Principles (PPKF), as well as regional transfer funds. The results of the meeting will later be used as DPD RI's proposal for the 2020 State Budget Draft (RAPBN) to the DPR RI Chairman of Committee IV, Ajiep Padindang explained that in formulating the direction and strategic of fiscal policy, the government must always consider the dynamics of the economy both
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI considers that regulations governing funds for profit sharing of oil palm plantations in Indonesia must be reviewed because they do not reflect a sense of justice, fairness and equality between the Central Government and the Regions as producers of the oil palm industry division. The solution offered by DPD RI is the need to revise the Act No. 33 Year 2004 concerning Financial Balance between the Central Government and Regional Governments. The above was conveyed by the Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padin
DPD RI Maximizes Performance in this Short Session 14 Februari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – To maximize Performance in this short Third Session Period, the DPD RI has produced 1 piece of DPD's Initiative Proposal Bill, 3 results of  DPD RI's supervision, 1 view and 1 consideration of DPD RI. This was revealed in the 9th Plenary Session of DPD RI, Session III Year 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex, Senayan Jakarta. Thursday, February 14, 2019. "We hope that the results of DPD's political work as part of the political responsibility of DPD RI and the benefits can be fel
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The government is expected to be able to place itself as an 'advicer business' in the development policies of micro, small and medium enterprises. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) Guarantor Bill is expected to be a solution to various UMKM problems in Indonesia. This was conveyed by the Vice Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Siska Marleni at the Hearing (RDP) of setting the content of DPD proposal on the Guarantee of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises with a number of experts. Siska assessed, the ne
DPD RI Regional Mental Reform Value Not Yet Felt by Regions 11 Februari 2019
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Mental Reform echoed by the government is considered not too significant in the regions. This was stated in the Hearing (RDP) of Committee IV DPD RI with the Minister of National Development Planning (BPN) / Head of Bappenas, Bambang Brodjonegoro. "Mental Reform Issues" echoed all the way to the sea, the sea highway also echoed out of the country so they wondered. But the fact is that until now the reality has not been too significant, "said Member of Committee IV DPD RI, Budiono at the DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Monday (
DPD RI and BPK Sit Together to Discuss the Follow-Up of Examination Results 11 Desember 2018
Tangerang, dpd.go.id - Committee IV DPD RI conducts a synergy seminar on the implementation to follow-up  the examination tesults of the Indonesian Audit Agency (BPK). It aims to find a model for the follow-up pattern of BPK audit results. Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI Ajiep Padindang said that the BPK submitted the results of its examination to DPR and DPRD and each of these institutions followed it up. "What we want to do in the Banten region is to find a model for how to manage the follow-up of BPK's audit results," he said in
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee IV of DPD RI proposed a simplification of the village financial management system so as not to burden village officials in the form of accountability. This was conveyed by the Chairman of Committee IV DPD RI, Ajiep Padindang at the Hearing discussing the distribution of village funds in 2019 with the Director General of Fiscal Balance of the Ministry of Finance in the Meeting Room of Committee IV DPD RI, MPR / DPR Building, DPD RI, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday ( 21/11). Regarding the village funds, Ajiep Padindang
DPD RI Proposes 6 Priority Bills in 2019 National Legislation Program 12 November 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI will propose 6 priority bills at National Legislation Program 2019. This was revealed at the 6th Plenary Session of Session Period II 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (12/11/2018).   Priority Prolegnas Bill to be resolved by DPD RI, among others, the Bill on Management of Border Areas, the Bill on Geology, The Bill on Plant Variety Protection, The Bill on Regional Languages, The Bill on Management of State Receivables and Regional Receivables, The Bill on Ame
DPD RI Responds to the Nation Problems 12 November 2018
JAKARTA, dpd.go.id (12/11) - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia conveyed several attitudes regarding several events which caused polemic in the community. Some of these events were like the catastrophic fall of the Lion Air plane in Karawang waters, the execution of Indonesian Workers (TKI), Tuti Tursilawati, in the country of Saudi Arabia, and the burning of a flag that read the tauhid sentence in Garut some time ago. Regarding the crash of the Lion Air plane, Vice Chairman of DPD RI Nono Sampono, expres
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