Comitee III

Committee III of DPD RI is a fixed DPD RI organ that has the scope of work on education and religion.

The scope of work of the Committee I was implemented in regard to regional and community affairs, as follows:

1. Education;

2. Religion;

3. Culture;

4. Health;

5. Tourism;

6. Youth and Sports;

7. Social welfare;

8. Women's empowerment and child protection; and

9. Employment.

10. Creative Economy;

11. Population Administration / Civil Registration;

12. Control of Population / Family Planning; and

13. Library.

Committee III DPD RI: Regulatory Requirement is Needed to Empower Elderly 14 November 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI revealed the importance of the role of elderly empowerment in national life, at Hearings with Sociology Experts at the University of Indonesia Dr. Erna Karim discusses the Elderly Wellbeing Bill. Committee III Meeting Room DPD RI Building, Senayan, Jakarta. Wednesday (14/11).  
DPD RI Proposes 6 Priority Bills in 2019 National Legislation Program 12 November 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - DPD RI will propose 6 priority bills at National Legislation Program 2019. This was revealed at the 6th Plenary Session of Session Period II 2018-2019, at Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex Senayan Jakarta. Monday (12/11/2018).  
DPD RI Responds to the Nation Problems 12 November 2018
JAKARTA, dpd.go.id (12/11) - The House of Regional Representative (DPD) of the Republic of Indonesia conveyed several attitudes regarding several events which caused polemic in the community. Some of these events were like the catastrophic fall of the Lion Air plane in Karawang waters, the execution of Indonesian Workers (TKI), Tuti Tursilawati, in the country of Saudi Arabia, and the burning of a flag that read the tauhid sentence in Garut some time ago.  
DPD RI Values Youth Issues as Joint ‘HOMEWORK' 16 Oktober 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Indonesian youth movements have a long history of nation and state. Because Indonesian youth are initiators and perpetrators of national struggle to achieve independence. However, at present, youth problems in Indonesia cannot be underestimated and should become joint 'homework'. "Youngsters become the heirs and successors of the nation's struggle. But youth problems cannot be underestimated, which involves globalization, the threat of drugs, and the role of youth organizations, "said Chairman of Committee II
Committee III Highlights Service of Manasik Hajj from Ministry of Religion 10 Oktober 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI assesses that there is an increase in the service of organizing the 2018 pilgrimage by the Ministry of Religion. Health services, lodging, transportation, and catering to pilgrims are considered better than the previous year. However, the Hajj ritual services received special notes from the senators. DPD RI member Abdul Jabbar Toba assessed that the implementation of the pilgrimage by the government from year to year experienced a significant increase. He said, this year the people in the region were
DPD RI Views Government Not Paying Attention to Elderly Welfare 09 Oktober 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee III DPD RI considers that the government does not pay enough attention to the welfare of the elderly (lansia). Even though hope for an elderly life at this time has increased, but the other side is inversely proportional to health and social problems. "The welfare of the elderly is not getting the attention of the government, both health and social. The problem needs to be a concern along with the increasing life expectancy of the elderly, "said Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Dedi Iskandar Batubara when t
Perform Hajj Supervision, Committee III DPD RI Holds a Working Meeting with the Central Kalimantan and the ranks 02 Oktober 2018
Palangkaraya, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI led by Dr.dr. Delis Julkarson Hehi, MARS as the Deputy Chairman on Tuesday 02/10/1 held a Working Meeting with the Regional Office of Central Kalimantan Province in the framework of a working visit to supervise the implementation of Act No. 13 Year 2008 concerning Hajj Implementation. Working Meeting followed by other members namely H. Muhammad Rakhman, SE., ST (Central Kalimantan), KH. Muslihuddin Abdurrasyid, Lc., M.Pdi (East Kalimantan), Drs. Muhammad Afnan Hadikusumo (DI Yogyakarta), Maria Gore
Riau, dpd.go.id - Monday 17/09/18, as many as 11 people of Committee III DPD RI held a Working Meeting with the Riau Provincial Government in the framework of a working visit to supervise the implementation of Act No. 18 Year 2017 concerning Protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PPMI Law). The Working Meeting was led by Regional Assistant I for Government and Public Welfare Division H. Ahmad Syah Harrofie, and being followed by related SKPD. The members of Committee III DPD RI who attended the work meeting were Dedi Iskandar Batubara (North
DPD RI Questioned Health BPJS Deficit Every Year 12 September 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Committee III DPD RI was surprised that eery year Health BPJS  experienced a deficit. In fact, BPJS Health has increased dues and budget subsidies from the government every year. As a result the financial deficit experienced by Health BPJS is inevitable. "The financial deficit that occurs to Health BPJS  is experienced every year. In addition to increasing the contribution and budget subsidies from the government. But Health BPJS always experiences a deficit, "said Vice Chairman of Committee III DPD RI Del
Committee III DPD RI Viewed the Recruitment of Migrant Workers Has Many Constraints 05 September 2018
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The Committee III DPD RI held a hearing with the National Agency for the Placement and Protection of Indonesian Workers (BNP2TKI) concerning the protection of Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI). Because, the protection of PMI, whether it is a candidate or Easter, is still causing problems. There are still many problems, both from recruitment such as documents and not to mention placement problems, "said Chairman of Committee III DPD RI, Dedi Iskandar Batubara at DPD RI Building, Jakarta, Wednesday (5/9). According to hi
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