Institutional Capacity Development Committee

Considering the impetus for the arrangement of the institutional state system in MPR is increasingly necessary, and on the other hand the need for strengthening the authority of DPD is increasingly urgent, therefore DPD form Institutional Capacity Development Agency (BPKK) as the new organs.

As in Article 107 paragraph (1) Rules of Procedure of DPD, mentioned that BPKK is a DPD fixed organs with the implementation of institutional capacity development functions, including an assessment of the constitutional system in order to realize the regional representative body that is able to embody the values ??of democracy.

Furthermore, Article 107 paragraph (2) explains that BPKK also has the functions as DPD RI Task Force in the MPR RI from all the DPD members, which unite and organize all Members of DPD in its capacity as a Member of MPR. Related to these duties, BPKK coordinates all Members of MPR that derives from DPD.

In the implementation of the functions referred to in Article 107 paragraph (2) Rules of Procedure of DPD, BPKK coordinate and synchronize with DPD Task Force to ensure the interconnection of the implementation of duties between BPKK as DPD organs and DPD Task Force as a grouping of MPR Members from all of the DPD members.

Based on Article 108 Rules of Procedure of DPD, BPKK has the task in:

  1. Monitoring the implementation of the role of parliament and state institutions in the state system of Indonesia.
  2. Conducting scientific forums in order to assess the implementation of the parliamentary system and constitutional system.
  3. Preparing DPD recommendations in order to strengthen the parliament and the state system of Indonesia.
  4. Establishing working relationships with state agencies related to synchronize execution of their duties and to strengthen the institutional capacity.



Rizal Sirait Replaces Darmayanti Lubis at BPKK 07 Juni 2017
Jakarta, dpd.go.id. The election of Prof. Dr. Ir. Hj. Darmayanti Lubis, as Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI is discussed in the Leadership Meeting of BPKK (Committe for Institutional Capacity Development) DPD RI / DPD Task Force in MPR when starting the Session V Year 2016-2017 of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia. According to the letter No. 05 / DPD RI-SUMUT / IV / 2017 regarding the Replacement of Senator of DPD RI in session year 2016-2017 North Sumatera Province, there is a replacement of BPKK member which is Da
Members of Assessment Board and Socialization Board of MPR Support the Strengthening of DPD RI 22 Februari 2017
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "The key is political communication to strengthen DPD RI." It was said by the member of Socialization Board, Prof. Dr. H. Bachtiar Aly, M.A, when discussing urgency of Indonesian constitutional system regulation and the 5th Amendment with BPKK of DPD. It was also agreed by the Assessment Board Member of the MPR, H. Rambe Kamarul Zaman, M.Sc., M.M. The strengthening of DPD should be encouraged in order to clarify their position in the constitutional system, "I will discuss about the strengthening of DPD in the Joint Meeti
BPKK Discusses the Program and Agenda 26 Januari 2017
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Entering the Period of Session III Year 2016-2017, Institutional Capacity Development Committee (BPKK) DPD RI holds a plenum in BPKK Meeting Room, Parliament Complex Senayan, Thursday (26/01/2017). Led by Chairman of BPKK John Pieris, the plenum discuss the program and schedule, the replacement of the chairman of DPD Task Force  in the MPR and related matters. Starting the plenum, Pieris argues that on January 25, 2017 Chairman of MPR invited Faction Leaders and Leadership of DPD Task Force in MPR in a joint meeting
The 6th Plenary Session of DPD RI, Period Session III of 2016-2017 23 Januari 2017
Jakarta, dpd.go.id - The House of Regional Representatives (DPD RI) held the 6th plenary session. The agenda are as follows: Opening speech and the report of the Working Visit to Electoral District. Plenary Session chaired by Mohammad Saleh, Chairman of DPD RI accompanied by Vice Chairwoman of DPD RI GKR Hemas and Vice Chairman of DPD RI Farouk Muhammad in Nusantara V Building, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (23/01/2017). Before the plenary session of DPD, Mohammad Saleh guided the ceremonial oath / pledge of inter-time replacement senators of DPD
Strengthening of DPD RI As Balancing Strength In Indonesia Parliament 26 Oktober 2016
The House of Regional Representative has been carrying out various efforts to pave the discourse on strengthening DPD. Among others, the aspirations of the people, especially the sound of the campus, and meet leaders of political parties, to explore the equation of thought and ask for support. There are at least seven political party leaders who had met envoys of DPD. Among others in the Democrat Party, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, president of PKS, Sohibul Iman, chairman of Golkar, Setyo Novanto, PKB chairman, Muhaimin Iskandar also Hanura leader
MPR Will Discuss DPD’s Wish to Amend the Constitution 27 September 2016
Leaders of DPD RI meet the leaders of MPR RI to consult the plans to conduct the fifth amendment of the Basic Law (Constitution). The fifth constitutional amendment is related to the authority of DPD. The consultation between the leaders of the two institutions occurs at the MPR Leaders Meeting Room in Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta, Tuesday (27/9). DPD delegation headed by their two Vice-Chairmen, Farouk Muhammad and GKR Hemas, followed by Chairman of DPD task force in MPR, John Pieris, DPD Senator, Instiawati Ayus and Secretary Genera
The Amendments of 1945 Constitution 15 September 2016
Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The Plenum of DPD task Force in MPR RI is opened by Chairman of DPD task Force in MPR RI (Prof. Dr. John Pieris, SH., MS, Senator of Maluku), in Nusantara V Building, Parliament Complex Senayan, Jakarta (15/09/2016). Chairman of Institutional Capacity Development Committee, Dr. Bambang Sadono, SH., MH. explains, "Basically, the possibility to make changes or adjustments to the constitution, has been seen by the drafters of the 1945 Constitution, to formulate through Article 37 of the 1945 Constitution on the amendm
Legal Experts: GBHN Is Expected to Meet the People's Will 25 Agustus 2016
Jakarta – MPR’s Plan to revive the Guidelines of State Policy (GBHN) through the Amendment 1945 should heed the will of the people. GBHN must be made applicable to the demands of the times up to 100 years ahead. This is delivered by Constitutional Law expert, Aan Eko Widiyanto in the hearing with  "The formulation of GBHN should fulfill the will of the people. Therefore, the making should consider the validity period, GBHN should be up to 50 years or up to 100 years," says Aan. Furthermore, Aan says that apart from a peri
Alumni Communication Forum DPD RI Supports the Strengthening of DPD RI’s Authority 09 Juni 2016
Jakarta - Strengthening the authority of DPD RI is a constitutional mandate that should be continued. It was delivered by  Coordinator of Alumni Communication Forum (FKA) DPD RI, Marwan Batubara in the Public Hearing (RDPU) and Institutional Capacity Development Committee (BPKK), at DPD RI Building, Senayan, Thursday (9/6). Marwan said the discourse of amendment is pretty much discussed in social media, it shows the amount of public attention on efforts to strengthen the authority of DPD RI. "Based on the social media, many organizat
The Reason for the Leadership of DPD Not Signing the Rules of Procedure Draft 12 April 2016
The Reason for the Leadership of DPD Not Signing the Rules of Procedure Draft With respect, Allow us to pass on information / reason for the Leadership of DPD RI not signing the Draft of Rules of Procedure DPD RI as follows: 1. The Meeting of Consultative Committee (Panmus) on January 11, 2016 discussed the agenda of the Extraordinary Plenary Session on January 15, 2016 about the tenure of Special Committee (Pansus) that will end on January 17, 2016. But, the work results of Pansus related to the amendment on Rules of Procedure has not
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