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04 April 2017 Dibaca 2509 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "One of the agenda of the Plenary Session is to read out the Decision of Supreme Court No.20P / HUM / 2017," as conveyed by AM. Fatwa (Interim Leader) while reopening the 9th Plenary Session (Sipur) of DPD RI at Nusantara Buildin ...Read MOre
17 April 2017 Dibaca 1788 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "The Tobbaco Affairs is purely a trade problem", explains Parlindungan Purba as the Chairman of Committee II DPD RI in Public Hearing Meeting (RDPU) with Indonesian Tobacco Farmers Association (APTI) on the preparation of Invento ...Read MOre
04 April 2017 Dibaca 1787 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - "After ajourning the meeting and as according to DPD RI Rules of Procedures, after the election of Chairman and Vice Chairman of DPD RI, it will then followed with the taking oath and promise or inauguration by Vice Chairman of t ...Read MOre
03 April 2017 Dibaca 1692 kali JAKARTA - Vice Chairman of DPD, Farouk Muhammad says, since the regulations DPD No. 1 Year 2016 and 2017 about the tenure of the leadership of DPD are cancelled by the Supreme Court (MA), then there is no plenary session to replace the new Chairman o ...Read MOre
18 April 2017 Dibaca 1531 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id -According to Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) data in 2013 the number of Business Entities in Indonesia is 3 million and the number of Indonesians who have earnings are 93.72 million inhabitants, which of course has larger numbe ...Read MOre
03 April 2017 Dibaca 1531 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id – The House of Regional Representatives (DPD) holds the 9th Plenary Session (Sipur) of DPD RI with the agenda of Submission of Supreme Court decisions related to DPD RI Rules of Procedure and the material consequences of the ...Read MOre
24 Mei 2017 ...Read MOre
23 Mei 2017 Jakarta, May 23, 2017-Although the Act Number 44 Year 2008 on Pornography provides a serious legal threat to the perpetrators and providers of pornography, but still there is a desperate conduct of this criminal act. One of them is the recently revea ...Read MOre
23 Mei 2017 Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Chairman of BPK RI, Moermahadi Soerja Djanegara says that the Central Government succeeded in obtaining the Qualified Opinion Without Excetion (WTP) in Central Government Financial Report 2016. Moermahadi says that the acquisitio ...Read MOre
22 Mei 2017 Jakarta, dpd.go.id - With regard to the news about the potential loss of the state amounting  up to Rp 600 billion related to the leadership in DPD delivered by Pukat UGM, Sudarsono Hardjosoekarto Secretary General of DPD states: "What is the ba ...Read MOre
20 Mei 2017 Garut, dpd.go.id - Chairman of the House of Regional Representative (DPD) RI, DR. Oesman Sapta calls on the young generation to rise while delivering scientific oration at the XXII graduation ceremony of University of Garut as well as the momentum of ...Read MOre
19 Mei 2017 Jakarta, dpd.go.id - This year the results of the examination of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) on the financial management of the House of Regional Representative of the Republic of Indonesia (DPD RI) in 2016 has again achieved the highest achieveme ...Read MOre
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