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06 Februari 2018 Dibaca 507 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Currently Committee IV DPD RI is reviewing the drafting of the Bill on the Management of State and Regional Receivables that have become the agenda in the National Legislation Program (Prolegnas) Year 2015-2019. As DPD RI organs ...Read MOre
06 Februari 2018 Dibaca 480 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - As the new management, Revolving Fund Management Institute of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (LPDB-KUMKM) plans to review and improvement for 2018. This is revealed in the Hearing Meeting (RDP) with the Committee IV DPD RI o ...Read MOre
15 Februari 2018 Dibaca 469 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - A few days ago (Monday, 12/2), Act on MPR, DPR, DPD, and DPRD (MD3) has been hammered by Parliament related to the addition of the authority of DPD RI. As stated byOesman Sapta, Chairman of DPD RI when opening the 9th Plenary Ses ...Read MOre
05 Februari 2018 Dibaca 439 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Many cases of alleged corruption of village funds in various regions received serious attention by DPD RI, especially with the appeal of President Joko Widodo who requested that the implementation of the village funds was supervi ...Read MOre
15 Februari 2018 Dibaca 384 kali Chairmen, Member of DPD RI and Secretary General of DPD RI Officers Condoled for the Death of Drs. Sadarieli Zebua, M.Si, may his charity of worship be accepted by the divine God.   ...Read MOre
07 Februari 2018 Dibaca 337 kali Jakarta, dpd.go.id - Public Accountability Committee (BAP) of the House of Regional Representatives (DPD) invited ExxonMobil Indonesia and the Aceh Provincial Government in a Hearing (RDP) to follow up the ex-ExxonMobil employees' aspirations in ...Read MOre
19 Maret 2018 ...Read MOre
19 Maret 2018 ...Read MOre
17 Maret 2018 ...Read MOre
16 Maret 2018 ...Read MOre
14 Maret 2018 ...Read MOre
14 Maret 2018 ...Read MOre
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